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100% Black Owned

Moeng Goroga  is a 100% black owned landscaping company located in Rustenburg. The company has 10 years experience in the mining and residential industry offering Landscaping and garden maintenance services.

Experienced Workers

We have a team of experienced workers and through strict supervision, prompt response and attention to detail; we set high standards in order to achieve client satisfaction.


We are a customer-focused company that emphasis quality service, professionalism and timely projects.

Strong Experience

Forming the company is Tebogo Moeng (Managing Member) and Abel Moeng (Operations and Marketing Member). Both directors combine strong experience in leadership and business skills.

Best Equipment

Moeng Goroga equips its personnel with the best industrial equipment on the market in order to safely and efficiently service our clients.

Project Management

We are capable of handling landscaping projects of various sizes, from small gardens to large corporate projects, tailing dams and road side maintenance. We believe that outstanding project management is the key to delivering customer satisfaction to our clients.
Moeng Goroga Landscaping
Moeng Goroga Landscaping
Moeng Goroga Landscaping

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best value chainsaw?

I’d recommend a professional heavy duty chainsaw for trees that large. If you’re a typical homeowner primarily doing light cutting then I recommend a bar length under 14”. For medium duty cutting then you’ll want a bar length between 16” to 20”.

Source: https://www.chainsawjournal.com/chainsaw-buying-guide/

What do I have to consider while tree felling?

  1. Be sure you know how to cause the tree to fall exactly where you want it to fall. Make sure there are no vines growing in the tree that tie it to other trees — this can be a real problem in getting the tree to fall in the right direction.
  2. Know and understand the dangers of operating a chainsaw. You can cut off an arm or leg faster than you might imagine — thankfully, I don’t have personal experience with this.
  3. If the tree is full of thorns (osage orange, locust, hawthorn, citrus, etc.), be sure you can get away from it very quickly when it starts to fall. Of course, this applies to any type of tree, but getting knocked by a flexible pine branch is not at all like encountering a locust branch up close and personal.
  4. Always wear protective clothing. Cover your eyes with safety glasses to avoid any tree fragments from hitting your eyes.
  5. Perform a good assessment of the situation so that you can be aware of all the hazards that can occur. This includes electrical hazards.
  6. Be on the lookout for dead branches that can just fall and injure you during the felling process.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-different-things-I-have-to-keep-on-mind-while-tree-felling

Do you have or supply landscaping how to videos

We don’t but there are plenty of landscaping how to videos to be found online. Specifically when it comes to tree felling or cutting techniques. Many courses usually recommend you to buy chainsaw chaps and other safety gear. It is a balance between cost and frequency of use. If you will do this only one or 2 times, I’d hire someone in and let them take the risk, chainsaws can do you a dreadful injury if you don’t feel it about to happen.

Find some how to videos on the source link below.



Landscaping how to prevent weeds?

Generally weeds will always manifest in the garden or lawn. With weeds, the approach should be to tackle them as soon as they emerge. In a lawn pulling them out using a sharp spike that will uproot the root ball is ideal. In cultivated gardens weeds can be left to grow a little taller and pulled out by hand.

However practice mulching to minimize weeds. When the ground is fully covered by mulch weeds are denied sunlight for germination. Some weeds are as a result of an area not having been properly prepared. Any garden preparation should entain a thorough digging that removes all residue weeds.

Buy a good quality hoe, stainless steel if possible. Keep it sharp. If you hoe regularly, for a short time every second or third day, you should easily be able to control weeds. If you enjoy your garden you probably walk around it regularly anyway. Put your hoe where it’s easily accessible, take it with you as you walk around

If you have a bad weed problem you might have to resort to a glyphosate weedkiller, but this should only be used in extreme cases. I find that if you regularly skim the top off weeds with the hoe, they eventually die back.

Source: https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-prevent-weeds

Which other tree felling contractor services do you supply?

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