Health and Safety

Proactive Approach

Engaging the workforce in Health and Safety is very important in actually delivering a safer and healthier workplace. We are committed to taking a positive and proactive approach to managing risk.

Our Approach

We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their safety and for the safety of others by:

  • Developing knowledge, ownership and accountability, through clear instruction and information. All our staff are provided with regular training and guidance.

Improving Performance

Moeng Goroga continually seeks to improve its performance with respect to Health and Safety and the management of risk through:

  • Developing the competence of our team
  • Improving systems, procedures and practice
  • The introduction of practical innovation to protect our workforce and stakeholders.

Moeng Goroga Landscaping
Moeng Goroga Landscaping

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I do lawn edging?

Lawn edging on how much the grass has overgrown on to the pavement. If you can’t even see the edge of the sidewalk, you’ll need to get more aggressive. Any FLAT shovel/spade/edger will work. Just cut straight down along the edge and put the debris in a low spot against the building or whatever.

Same goes for bed edges. Cut straight down at least four inches deep and slope the dirt up into the bed from there. That will keep all but the most aggressive grass roots from creeping in. I would suggest once in the spring and a touchup later on.

Using a lawn edging trimmer can make a nice job of pavement edges, but if you’re an amateur or there is a lot of soil to cut through, be prepared to go through a lot of string.

A guide or edge. A 2×10 board works well for a straight edge as do existing infrastructure such as sidewalks and driveways.

Another important consideration is the equipment. Gas edgers work best to provide the power you need. Also replace the edging blade when it begins to wear. The edging blade is not sharp like a rotary mowers blade but it can wear down (lose length) which will make edging much more difficult.

For curves, try laying out a garden hose and painting or chalking a line following the curvature of the hose. Now put the hose away and run the edger along the line. Expect to make several passes when establishing a new edge or re-establishing a neglected edge.


Why does grass grow faster at the edges of the lawn?

Plant growth can be constrained by a number of factors such as the availability of water, nitrogen, potassium, and light. Since grass is grown fields with many similar plants all tightly packed together, light could be a limiting factor as neighboring plants are shading each other. At the edge of a lawn there may be more light available to each plant which allows for more rapid photosynthesis and therefore growth.

What is the best weed controlling method for the front yard?

Weeds influence a lawn’s appearance by causing the color and texture of the favorite grass crops to differ. They are a nuisance because they compete for water and nutrients with the required grass crops, generally resulting in desirable plant cover thinning.

Using post-emergence herbicides, you can control widespread weeds. When the soil is wet, apply the herbicide and the weeds grow actively and are still young. Early autumn is the best time to manage annual winter crops such as henbit and perennial weeds such as plaintain, dandelion and thistle. You will use the herbicide in spring to kill annual summer weeds such as black medicine or knotweed.

Weeds affect the look of a lawn by causing disparity in the color and texture of the preferred grass plants. They are a nuisance because they compete with the desired grass plants for water and nutrients, usually leading to the thinning of desirable plant cover.

You can control broadleaf weeds by using post emergence herbicides. Apply the herbicide when the soil is moist and the weeds are actively growing and still young. Early fall is the best time to control winter annual weeds like henbit and perennial weeds like plaintain, dandelion and thistle. In spring, you will use the herbicide to kill the summer annual weeds like the black medic or knotweed.

Use pre-emergence herbicides on grass weeds like annual bluegrass, crabgrass and foxtail. Apply 2-3 weeks before germination of the weed seeds but be aware that these herbicides could also hurt newly seeded grasses.


Lawn Maintenance: What is wrong with my grass?

Start fresh, dig out at least a couple inches of the old soil, and put in some decent soil to minimize any contamination/pollution issues.

Pick a grass seed that will thrive based on the amount of sunlight and rain it will receive, and keep it watered (moist to the touch) for 2 weeks. From my point it do not get water and lighting in proper amount so no need to worry, it will get fine after proper care. For that i will suggest you that either contact to maintenance experts in grass or the best one have grass turf.

the site may not get great light levels, its also covered in slabs. This means that when it rains the water soaks the small soil area adding to compaction, and when its hot the slabs heat and cook the surround soil and roots. If your set on grass, loose the slabs, or do a lot of work relaying with a gravel layer and topsoil, aerate with a fork, choose the correct seed and feed. Personally I’d loose the grass, and replace it with gravel, then plant it up with very hardy alpines, herbs like thyme, or low growing wildflowers (mini poppies, chamomile etc).


Which other lawn edging services do you provide?

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