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Frequently Asked Questions

Landscaping how to level a yard

One way to bring the grade of the yard to a level looking contoured area is to till the area paying attention to the settled area. By roto tilling you will be breaking up the ground and from there you can get a long 2×4 and with the help of a friend screed the area working one area at a time at first ,then by the two of you sliding the board back and forth blend the area until you have it to your level liking being sure to slightly create a slight slope or pitch so water won’t get trapped which can create sinks and roles you don’t want. Amend soil if needed useing the tiller to work the amendment product in.


Landscaping what to plant

You won’t have to replant your gardens every spring.  A local garden center can tell you all about the best ones for your climate.

I’ll also address the crawl space.  For the overall good health of your home, you should take steps to keep the crawlspace as dry as possible, forever.

Three things will help with that.

1. Good ventilation to the outside.  And standing water in the crawlspace needs to dry out.
2. Good water management including gutters and downspouts on your house, and downspout extensions that move the water away from the house.
3. Good landscaping that naturally encourages water on the ground to flow away from the house.
4. Good water proofing on the house wall exterior.  This will be easy to do when you are digging up everything around the house.  As you remove soil, inspect the house wall to see if it has been waterproofed already.  And if it hasn’t, consult a local building supply company for available products.

Why is thatch not a welcomed organic material in a sand mesh profile supporting the growth of turf grass?

Although thatch is a good source of organic matter, this is only true if it actually decomposes. The rate of thatch decomposition relative to thatch production determines whether excess thatch is accumulated. Rapid growth, poor oxygen penetration to the root-zone, soil compaction, excessive moisture, and low microbial activity all can decrease the rate at which microbes decompose thatch into beneficial organic matter. For a vigorous lawn, a thin accumulation of thatch (<1/2″) is beneficial in most cases, as it makes the ground softer to walk on and increases the resiliency of the turf. It’s when the thatch gets too thick that it causes problems, and the presence of thatch is, itself, an indication that there is a management problem.

All grasses as they grow and decay on the same spot produce a detrius called thatch, the cycle of normal grass growing is such that it is a source of nutrients and root covering. No matter what you are doing with the grass an overall build up of excessive thatch can be a disease harbouring source and new growth smothering nuisance. This is why to cultivate a quality turf one regularly scarifys.

What are some tips for spring garden maintenance?

Having your own garden makes your surrounding pure and beautiful but when it comes to maintenance, the garden needs more care and attention.

Well, spring is the best time for the gardeners to plant & feed the plants which help in thriving.

Shaping, Lawn mowing add more beauty & growth to your garden. By doing this your Lawn’s height will remain under control & healthy.

Do not forget to fertilize your lawn which makes your job easier.

Mulching is also an important part which is applied to the surface of the soil to make it healthier & needs to be done properly for the garden’s growth.

A home with a garden may bring a lot relax to you but maintaining a garden is quite difficult therefore it is always a good idea to hire a reputed garden maintenance Sunshine Coast company which take care of every plant species and will keep your garden fresh. If you looking for a garden maintenance services then you may opt Earth Creation landscape which has skilled worker that delicately works to provide best results.

What strategies do you use to make your garden maintenance free?

There’s no such thing as a garden maintenance free garden. There are ways to minimize the time spent yearly, but there’s a significant investment of time and money to get there.


  1. replace your lawn with a dense ground cover …no mowing, minimal weeding once established. Please don’t use invasive plants like dead nettle, vetch, morning glory or ivy. Look up “sheet mulching” as a way to convert a lawn to a planting bed without herbicides.
  2. Use natives as much as possible…they are adapted to your local climate, and will have fewer problems with pests. diseases, and summer water shortages than non natives. Mulch heavily at planting to suppress weeds until the ground cover is established.
  3. Install drip irrigation systems, zoned, on timers. This will minimize your water bill, and free up time you’d spend watering and moving hoses.


  • “Back to Eden” style. Cardboard covered with a lot of woodchips.
  • Smothering weeds, and preventing weeds, I put down double to triple layers of cardboard,
  • Providing a little worm food and shelter too.
  • Clean, and tape free.
  • Free woodchips from local tree trimmers.
  • 3″ minimum. I have layered whole areas in composted tree woodchips. A semi compost/woodchip mulch seems to fight weeds, and nourish plants the best.
  • My soil had really improved over 3 to 4 years.
  • Free from soil compaction, and most weeds.

Which other garden maintenance services do you provide?

At Moeng Goroga Landscaping we also provide service such as turf management , perimeter fences, compost, topdressing, fertilisers, garden maintenance services

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